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We grow sustainable Amaryllis flowers in the Netherlands for almost 30 years. Arno started in 1994 in Rijswijk (Sion). In 2013 we moved to the new location in De Lier. The greenhouse is 10.500 square meters and produces Amaryllis with the newest technology. We want to produce high quality Amaryllis and also try to use less energy. Annually we grow around half a million stems of Amaryllis. These stems are all sold at the auctions of Royal Flora Holland.

We focus on growing specialties and new varieties. Every year we visit the hybridizers of amaryllis to search for new varieties. First we look at the appearance of the flower. And then we look for a good strength of the stem as well as the production number.

We are certified with MPS A +. This certificate is not only important for our sales, we also want to work sustainable. We work with biological pest control and we also try to minimise and separate our waste. We are working on expanding our certification in order to stay relevant.

During the (harvest) season we work with a small permanent team of employees. We are proud of our employees and hope to work for many more years together.

Arno & Lisa van Marrewijk


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